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Kvetnoveho povstani 194
103 00 Praha 10 - Benice
Tue-Sun: 10:00 - 20:00
Park Holiday
Kvetnoveho povstani 194
103 00 Praha 10 - Benice


Professional manicure for perfect nails


Thanks to a professional manicure we will help you to solve problems such as nail chipping, weak nails, inequality and grooves on the nails, leuconychia (white spots on the nail plate), cuticles, or onychophagia (severely bitten nails). Enjoy your beautiful and healthy nails.


Classic Manicure

It includes a nail treatment, bleaching spa, treatment of cuticles, peeling, massage and nail polish.

450 CZK / 60 minutes


Manicure Spa

It includes a mineral spa, peeling, treatment of cuticles and nail treatment, massage, regenerating mask and polishing.

750 CZK / 60 minutes


P-Shine manicure

It´s a polishing of regeneration waxes into the nail, then the nail is smooth, shiny and lasts for a period of 2-3 weeks. It´s  particularly suitable for split, brittle and poorly growing nails. We use this technique also in men's manicure for men who need to have perfectly manicured fingernails.

490 CZK / 60 minutes


Varnishing the nails on the hands

Classical varnishing OPI150 CZK

French  varnishing OPI150 CZK

Manicure with SHELLAC

This type of manicure is the perfect choice for women who are looking for natural and absolutely careful treatment of the natural nails without damaging them and also do not have enough time and patience for home care for their nails.

The results of Shellac manicure are perfectly manicured fingernails and a 14 day´s wonderful mirror shine.


SHELLAC with Manicure

It includes disinfection treatment of fingernails to the desired shape, nail cuticle treatment, the nail surface cleaning. We use the base layer Shellac Base Coat, 2nd layer of colored Shellac, the top layer of Shellac Top Coat, followed by curing under UV lamp, nail polish and application of nutrition nail oil.

690 CZK / 70-90 minutes

French treatment: 790 CZK / 90 minutes


Paraffin wrap

250 CZK / 20 minutes


Who will care about you?

Sonya Bendova


Professional cosmetologist and therapist working with luxurious skincare products Biologique Recherche and decorative cosmetics Inglot.

A comprehensive cosmetic care is not just a surface treatment. I try to make each guest feel relaxed and refreshed by the time they leave. And I hope I manage it. 

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